Monday, March 17, 2008


Retrospect is a blog devoted to inspirational fashion, style, and beauty. Sources will range from across the world, in all different mediums.

I plan to review the fashion world from the anonymous viewpoint of a young woman.

I hope that as I find my own style and inspiration, you are motivated to do the same after reading this blog!

Please comment wherever you see fit, improvements are always necessary! Anyone can comment, even if you wish to remain anonymous.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I saw your posts on and figured I would check out your blog. I must say, so far I am quite impressed. The pictures you include in your articles are great and I love that you not only review shows, but also give tips on how the average girl can obtain the runway looks, and where they can find the stuff. There is no doubt that I will become a regular to your blog in no time! Keep up the good work. (: