Sunday, March 23, 2008

Street Style - Oxfords

I love oxford booties, they can really spice up a simple outfit. I found a bunch of outfits with oxfords on Here are a few of my favorites.









I especially love the last pair!

A little later I will do a post on where to find them. After seeing these photographs, I really need a pair! They can easily be worn to class with a simple outfit, or added to a more dressy outfit for going out.

What do you think of them?


Anonymous said...


my favorites are Yulanda's.

and i also LOVE the last ones.

sadly, 13 is too young to wear heels


great blog, keep going!!

bianca banca said...

I love them!! especially the last ones, i never wear heels, but i am really craving some oxford heels right now!

Amelia said...

Cute! I love oxfords.

My only comment is that you always show lots of other people's outfits and never any of your own.

NocturnalStyle said...

Thanks for the comments!

I don't like to show my outfits because I want to be anonymous (might sound kind of strange). Also, I don't think mine are particularly inspiring compared to some of these other girls!

I might do some polyvore outfits, but I don't think I will ever post pictures of myself!

Wendy said...

Oxfords and lace ups are really classic just in general. Over the last couple of months, I have amassed quite a number of such shoes.

yalan said...

are there any cute ones that arent heels? i want a pair that arent high heeled so i can walk. post ur own too!

Ohmyemily said...

I love them, especially the last pair. I just wrote about the Chloe ones myself. So nice!

aindrea - viciousvogue said...

i love them! epecially yulandas!
I have a pair, but my mum doesn't like me wearing them because i'm already quite tall and young (I'm 5ft7 and 14 years old)

Anonymous said...

aww i love them, esp the last one. gorgoussssss

Mariposa Latina said...

payless has some great oxfords and they're perfectly made they look amazing and are super comfortable

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Very impressive.