Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Celebrity Style - Lauren Conrad

There has been a lot of talk about Lauren "LC" Conrad's clothing line at LA fashion week. After seeing her previous designs I was extremely skeptical about the quality and originality of her pieces. I was hoping to be surprised with her show. Let's take a look.

And lots more like it at mbfashionweek.com. All I can say is BLAH. I could already find these things at American Apparel or probably sew them just the same myself. And check out the stitching on the last dress for an example of the poor quality.

After her runway show, it is clear to me that under normal circumstances, someone of LC's "talent" would never be allowed to show at fashion week. It's sad that her celebrity status has somehow elevated the desire for her clothing line.

Do you agree?


bianca banca said...

im not LC's biggest fan. but the last white dress is quite cute!

Caroline said...

her stuff isn't that bad. people just keep bashing it because shes "LC". keep it up!

Anonymous said...

i agree that it looks cheap. you could find ALL of those dresses at forever 21 or delias.

Anonymous said...

i would wear her clothes, but they really aren't great enough to be on a runway

Lauren said...

I like the black and white printed dress, but the rest of it is kind of boring. Wearable, but not creative enough.